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RNY Golf Institute

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Robin Symes works with student Ho Joon Choi.

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Students spread across the driving range working on their swings with the RNY Golf Institute at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Course at Reunion Resort. They also meet twice a week Andrea Doddato, an Orlando-based trainer who works with nine LPGA players.
Robin Symes works with student Ho Joon Choi.
Young J. Kim, right, of RNY Golf Institute works with Hyun Hee Moon on the driving range.
Robin Symes works with Ba Reum Choi on her swing.
Ho Joon Choi, left, and Nam Kyu Ha, right, work on their swings on the driving range. The Korean students all stay in condos at Reunion Resort.
Robin Symes of the RNY Golf Institute walks with Nam Kyu Ha to the outdoor video room to analyze his swing.
Robin Symes and Nam Kyu Ha in the video room, housed in a tent, on the driving range.
Ji Min An, right, and Jung Min Lee, left, clean their irons after a day of practice. Jung Min Lee won last year on the KLPGA.
Pyung Hwa Kim dreams of winning the gold medal at the Asian Games. He's seen here on the range at Reunion Resort with the RNY Golf Institute.
Ho Joon Choi works on his swing in the late afternoon sun. Choi and 15 other RNY students made the trek from Seoul to Orlando.
Robin Symes, right, and Young Jei Kim, left, of RNY Golf Institute, the RNY Institute is situated in Incheon, Korea, on the Sky 72 driving range, the largest range in the world.