PHOTOS: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver

  • Callaway's new Big Bertha Alpha driver is loaded with adjustability.
  • Unscrewing the plug in the center of the sole allows golfers to adjust a weighted core. Inserting the core with the heavy end in first raises the CG location for a penetrating ball flight; putting the light end in first lowers the CG for a higher ball flight.
  • The Big Bertha Alpha has been designed with Callaway's new Hyper Speed Face Cup for added ball speed.
  • The Big Bertha Alpha has two adjustable weights to give the club a draw or a fade bias. It also has an adjustable hosel that lets golfers independently tweak the loft and the face angle of the club.
  • The crown is made from a carbon composite material that is extremely lightly, allowing Callaway designers to redistribute the saved weight to performance-enhancing areas in the head.