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PHOTOS: Bulldog's Blog, Western Gailes

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The green on Western Gailes' 12th hole, Dyke.

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The first tee and the Western Gailes starter house.
The first hole, called Station, features a green protected by a lone bunker at the left front.
Western Gailes' third hole is called Arran, because of the island off the coast that is in sight, is longer than the first hole but has a lone bunker in the front right.
The fifth at Western Gailes is called Bunker Hill.  You can see all the bunkers in play.
Here is a better look of the bunkers on the fifth hole at Western Gailes.
A look at Western Gailes' par 5, sixth hole looks daunting.  But Lappock is only 498 yards and very scenic.
Since the hole is relatively short for a par 5, the second shot at Western Gailes' 6th hole is crucial.  The view to the green can be a little daunting, but tucked back behind the aiming post to the left is the green.
Finally the green on Western Gailes' sixth hole.
The par-3 seventh hole at Western Gailes called Sea is devilish.  From this view, one bunker is visible.
From this view you can see two of the six bunkers that swallow up bad and good shots at Western Gailes' seventh hole.
A view from the eighth tee at Western Gailes.
The green on Western Gailes' eighth hole, which is appropriately called Burn.
The green on Western Gailes' 12th hole, Dyke.
A view from Western Gailes' 13th hole, toward Troon Harbour.
The 13th green at Western Gailes, looking back toward the tee.
The view of Western Gailes' 13th green and beyond, from the 14th tee.
A view from the back tee of the par-5 Whins hole, Western Gailes' 14th – which finally turns back towards home.
The 15th hole at Western Gailes, a par-3 that is well bunkered and called Heather.
A greenside look at Heather, the 15th hole at Western Gailes.
The fairway-bunker complex on Western Gailes' 16th hole, Camp.  At 428 yards from the back tee, it can get tricky getting around this group of bunkers.
And then of course the burn that fronts the green as well on the 16th at Western Gailes.
The Home hole, the short 18th is very picturesque with the clubhouse to the right.
Another look at the Western Gailes clubhouse.
You get a better feel for the club from the Western Gailes locker room. Old wooden lockers take you back to another time.
A beautiful painting of Western Gailes hangs in the clubhouse.