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Best of the NCAA Women's National Championship

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Wisconsin's Aaren Ziegler reacts to missing her putt at No. 9 in Round 1.

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USC Trojans won by 21-shots at the 2013 Women's NCAA Championship. Left to right: Annie Park, Kyung Kim, Doris Chen, Rachel Morris and Sophia Popov.
Georgia's Emilie Burger, a senior playing as an individual, shed a few tears as she hugs her coach Josh Brewer after her final round. Burger played as an individual for Georgia.
Mary Gallagher with Mississippi State sporting the socks in Round 2.
USC's Annie Park and assistant coach Justin Silverstein celebrate in the fairway at No. 18.
Annie Park of USC is only the seventh freshman to win the individual title.
Sophia Popov attempts to douse Annie Park after they won the National Championship by 21 shots.
UCLA waits out the delay in the pro shop in Round 2. UCLA finished in fourth.
USC's Kyung Kim at No. 5 in the final round. Kim finished T6 individually winning the National Championship as a team.
Alabama's Emma Talley hits from the trees and pine straw at No. 9 in Round 3.
Purdue's Kishi Sinha in Round 3. Purdue finished third.
Michigan State's Trisha Witherby hits balls on the range in Round 1.
An official blows the horn at 4:58 due to weather in Round 2.
Wisconsin's Kimberly Dinh takes reprieve from the sun in Round 2.
Wisconsin's Aaren Ziegler reacts to missing her putt at No. 9 in Round 1.
Oklahoma's Taylor Schmidt signals back to her teammate at No. 9 in Round 2.