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Alison Whitaker, a 24-year-old from Melbourne, Australia, who loves life, food, music and golf, will file a weekly diary on to give you an insider’s view of life during the transition from college to professional golf.


Amateur diary: The pressure of Q-School

Q-School is hard for everyone. Not like “man why did I take Japanese in college” hard, either. I’m talking about “this is what I want to do with my life for the next year” hard.

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Amateur diary: My first Futures Tour event

The last couple of weeks have flown. Literally. The last time I wrote I was destined for caddie greatness out on the Futures Tour, and I like to think I found it.

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Amateur diary: Causing a scene in Nebraska

Our alarm sounded at 2:30 a.m., and let me tell you, it hurt! Katie (Kempter, a University of Denver graduate) and I had scheduled a car service to pick us up from Crossville at 3 a.m. so that we could make the two-hour journey to the Nashville airport with relative ease.

Amateur diary: Adventures in New Mexico

In the last 10 days I have visited five different states, slept under four different roofs, and played in three different golf tournaments. In light of this, my next installment will in fact be two ... parts that is.

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Amateur diary: The feeling of life on the road

It’s amazing what players can learn when they leave their home country to play competitive golf. You learn more about the game, the world and about yourself.

Amateur diary: Preparing to return to the U.S.

We used to say on the team that it was a cold day when you could see your own breath when teeing off, or that it’s windy when the pin bends over during gusts.

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Amateur diary: Adventures in Australia

As far as I’ve traveled and as long as I’ve journeyed, I still believe it’s hard to beat the smell of Australian country on a fresh winter’s day.

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Amateur diary: Castles, singing and sushi

I do most of my writing while I’m travelling. I don’t know if it’s because the not-so-soothing sound of an engine brings out my pensive reflections or whether it’s the only time I truly get to sit back and let the week’s events digest.

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Amateur diary: Meet Alison Whitaker

My name is Alison Whitaker and I’m a 24 year old from Melbourne, Australia, who loves life, food, music and golf.

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