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Bruce Stephen

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The Low Cost of Loving

Competitive senior amateur golf

Even though Joe Pavoni has incurred more financial loss than gain by playing in senior amateur events, he considers himself one of the luckiest golfers in the world due to his strong network of family and friends.

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Out of my mind and into my bag


What Kind of Golf Nerd are You: As we grow older, every little bit helps and getting the equipment that matches your ability and goals is something you can control.

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What kind of golf nerd are you (part 1)?

Description of subsets of golf nerdism

Golf Nerd: an avid player who devotes excessive amounts of time, thought and physical activity pursuing their interest; generally falls into one category of golf nerdism.

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Dick Pfeil doesn't know how good he is

Dick Pfeil's golf career didn't accelerate until later in life

Winner of both Gateway Senior and Golfweek National Championship titles, Dick Pfeil is one of the best senior golfers in the country; a place he got to using a mix of curiosity, observance and humility.