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Cheng Tsung Pan

Stories by Cheng Tsung

Junior diary: Ready for the next step

says he didn’t always plan to play college golf.

This week I want to share my thoughts about college with all of you.

Junior diary: Recovering from a busy summer

got a little overwhelmed by a busy summer, but still met all his goals. Read about it in his junior diary.

At the beginning of each school year, I often take a couple days to adjust to my daily routine, settle my mind, and then commit to school. However, the start of this year was different, as I felt extremely tired and it took more time than usual to settle my mind.

Junior diary: My exciting move to the U.S.

explains how he learned to play golf in Taiwan, and why moving to the United States was a must for his game.

My name is Cheng-Tsung Pan, and most of my friends call me Pan because it is easier to pronounce.