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James Achenbach

Associate Editor / Equipment & Technology

James Achenbach has been a newspaper and magazine writer from the day he left the University of Iowa. When Charley Stine founded Golfweek in 1975, Achenbach was working for a newspaper in Sarasota, Fla., and provided stories for Charley’s new magazine. In 1991, Achenbach joined Golfweek as a senior writer and later became an associate editor. He is a self-described golf equipment junkie.
• First set of clubs: Wilson irons and PowerBilt woods
• Favorite golf story: Any story about the personalities and eccentricities of ordinary golfers. The everyday golfer is the backbone of the game.
• Best golf shot seen live: The 434-yard drive hit by RE/MAX World Long Drive champ Jamie Sadlowski in the 2008 finals. There was no wind.
• Best interview: JoAnne Carner. Never has there been a Hall of Famer who was so candid, witty, emotional and freewheeling.

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Breathe properly, maintain posture for lower scores

At the World Golf Fitness Summit, a presentation was made Tuesday on the best techniques for breathing and posture. The implication was that individuals play better golf and shoot lower scores with correct breathing and posture.

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Faxon among key speakers at Fitness Summit

The World Golf Fitness Summit has attracted an impressive contingent of players and golf instructors as well as trainers and fitness professionals ever since it debuted in 2006.

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Amateurs could learn from Sieckmann, Pernice bond

Telling the truth is not always a high priority in professional golf. Why? In the heat of battle, nobody wants to unnecessarily criticize or offend other players or coaches.

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TaylorMade hires longtime club designer Clay Long

TaylorMade Golf hired longtime club designer Clay Long, who will concentrate on the development of wedges and putters.

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Channeling Gilmore: Powers' move all about fitness

It’s the new golf, and it’s all about power and speed. The fastest swingers aren’t worried about traditional golf swings.It’s the new golf, and it’s all about power and speed. The fastest swingers aren’t worried about traditional golf swings.

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Loomis graphite iron shaft

The Loomis graphite iron shaft, used by Davis Love III to win four tournaments in the early 1990s, is back after an absence of some 20 years.

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Sandy Lyle champions hickory golf movement

Sandy Lyle is among the group of golfers taking up the game with hickory-shafted clubs.

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Tour Edge E8, E8 Beta lines

The Tour Edge E8 family of golf clubs includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons -- with the base version touting higher trajectories and E8 Beta versions offering lower trajectories in general.

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Tour Edge Exotics E8, E8 Beta drivers

Sharing adjustability and face features, the Tour Edge Exotics E8 and E8 Beta drivers vary in size and CG to help golfers get the trajectory that fits their game.

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Tour Edge Exotics E8 hybrids

Behind their face, the Tour Edge Exotics E8 hybrids feature the Power Grid, generating increased flexing of the face at impact.

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