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Monday Scramble: Ready to rock at NCAAs

The NCAA Championship begins Tuesday at The Honors Course in Tennessee. Tiger Woods ended his college career with a victory there. The Monday Scramble wonders what star will emerge this week.

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Monday Scramble: Spieth’s Facebook page

What did 16-year-old Jordan Spieth’s Facebook page look like after his wild weekend at the Byron Nelson? The Monday Scramble has an idea.

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Monday Scramble: Commencement speech

Heard any good commencement speeches lately? The Monday Scramble has one that only golf fans would understand.

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Monday Scramble: Phil’s fast foods

Phil Mickelson might not have contended last week at The Players, but he made one historic statement when it comes to fast-food burger chains. The Monday Scramble couldn’t believe it.

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Monday Scramble: Ryo, Rory & Rickie

This week’s Monday Scramble is brought to you by the letter “R" – as in Ryo, Rory, Rickie, Rajon, Ronaldo . . . You get the picture.

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Monday Scramble: Questions to ponder

Lorena Ochoa retires. An Icelandic volcano explodes. John Daly posts too much information on Twitter. Like Monty (pictured), The Monday Scramble has a lot of questions.

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Monday Scramble: Can Phil surpass Tiger?

Phil Mickelson doesn’t have a chance to overtake Tiger Woods’ major victory total, does he? The Monday Scramble throws the Hail Mary . . .

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Monday Scramble: Masters postcards

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. Wow. That was awesome. Hopefully we don’t have to wait five more years for another week like that at Augusta National. For once, golf just kicked the azaleas out of TMZ, and we absolutely love it.

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Monday Scramble: A Monday like no other

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. So, what do you want to talk about this morning? Yani Tseng’s second major victory? “Haney Project: Ray Romano” ratings? The predominance of scheduling conflicts in junior golf?

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Monday Scramble: Tiger, Wiesy and Freddie

Tiger Woods, Michelle Wie and Fred Couples dominated headlines this week. Does it get any better than that? The Monday Scramble reviews another interesting week in golf.

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Monday Scramble: Masters in 3-D preview

Nothing can spoil the Monday Scramble’s love for television, not even Tiger Woods’ Sunday interview surprise party. Just wait until you see what the Masters has in store for its upcoming 3-D broadcast...

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Monday Scramble: Shanghai showdown

Still recuperating from staying up early Sunday morning to watch the end to the drama in Shanghai? Uh, yeah, so is the Monday Scramble...

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Monday Scramble: Costume party

Worst costumes of the weekend? That’s easy. For Packers fans, it was Brett Favre’s Vikings jersey. For golf fans, it was the Viking Classic’s rain suit. The Monday Scramble reviews an interesting Halloween weekend.

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Monday Scramble: Never doubt Tiger, Brady

What do Tom Brady and Tiger Woods have in common? The Monday Scramble will never doubt them – at least not until they turn 70.

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Monday Scramble: What a week for No. 23

Looks like Michael Jordan had fun this week at the Presidents Cup, eh? The Monday Scramble has some exclusive photos from MJ’s week in the golf spotlight.

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Monday Scramble: Time for fun and games

It’s Presidents Cup week! Can you dig it? The Monday Scramble can think of five scenarios that will make this week in San Francisco only the best one of the year.

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Monday Scramble: The FedEx Cup of love

Really, how could you not love that ending to the FedEx Cup Playoffs? Well, the Monday Scramble didn’t exactly fall head over heels.

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Monday Scramble: Can you fix the Cup?

By now you’ve heard a lot of suggestions on how to make the FedEx Cup better. But do you have any ideas?

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Monday Scramble: Bracket madness

There’s no perfect system for the PGA Tour playoffs. That’s why the Monday Scramble is suggesting the only format that makes sense: match play.

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Monday Scramble: LPGA going bling?

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, on the heels of of probably one of the more interesting weeks in golf this year...

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Monday Scramble: You're hired!

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. If we knew how to say “hole in one,” “ace,” or “Want a free car? Play golf in Canada,” in French Canadian, now would be an appropriate time to do so, eh?

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Monday Scramble: Open postcards

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, the Champion Column of the Year... or more likely Millisecond.

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Monday Scramble: Save our season

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. When is the Women’s Open, again?

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Monday Scramble: How to make $$$

Some people say the economy is bouncing back. But in the world of professional golf, everything isn’t exactly all birdies and eagles. Fortunately, the Monday Scramble has a full-proof sponsorship plan to make it that way.

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Monday Scramble: Are you crazy?

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. Did you know that babies are born without kneecaps? Weird! (Sorry, we’ve been spending way too much time on Michelle Wie’s Twitter page...)

Monday Scramble: Back in Black

Bethpage Black is hard. We all know that. Even the Bethpage bureaucrats are tampering with the idea of rewording that extremely famous sign on the first tee. The Monday Scramble investigates.

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Monday Scramble: Why Tiger won

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, where we can’t remember the last time Tiger Woods won a tournament without fist-pumping on the 18th green. So how did he do it? Well, we’ve got 10 good reasons.

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Monday Scramble: Fan-atics

The Monday Scramble would like to give a big high five to the fans who get creative at PGA Tour events. Because “Get in the hole!” is getting old, we came up with things to yell at your next tournament.

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Monday Scramble: How to celebrate a win

Some Irish items of note from the week that was – so listen up lads.

Monday Scramble: Name game

Welcome to the Monday Scramble. A quick reminder: We here at the Scramble wrote about this whole white belt-white golf shoe American resurgence (which earned some big ink this weekend in the Wall Street Journal) months ago. However, we probably should have mentioned it years ago, when now-Oklahoma State sophomore/top amateur Rickie Fowler started wearing the combo at junior golf tournaments, going as far back as 2005.

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Monday Scramble: Tree trouble

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, where we ask you to say “Tartar sauce on your Tartan jacket” five times fast. (Bonus points if you do it with a Boston accent.)

Monday Scramble: Top 50 Masters list

The Monday Scramble presents for the first time, our annual Masters 50, featuring the top 50 coolest/craziest/confusing things about the 2009 Masters (or just Augusta National in general).

Monday Scramble: Masters techies unite!

Welcome to the Monday Scramble, where we still like Padraig Harrington this week.