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Saturday, April 19

2008 Masters: Thompson acts like a pro

Alabama senior Michael Thompson played with honor by following the rules.

2008 Masters: Weaver lifts school’s spirits

The Virginia Tech alumnus' participation helps his school heal from tragedy.

2008 Masters: Tiger’s Grand hopes slammed by putter

Woods finishes second at the Masters.

2008 Masters: Analysis: Immelman combined his skills with heart

Mental and physical abilities are what helped Trevor Immelman to victory at Augusta.

2008 Masters: Immelman runs away with the green jacket

Trevor Immelman’s ‘roller coaster’ peaks at the Masters, stopping Tiger’s Grand plan before it gets on track.

2008 Masters: Casey falters, but British future hopes get boost

Young golfers show that there is hope for another British Masters winner.

2008 Masters: No leisurely Sunday for contenders

Golfer in contention to take a charge at Immelman were nowhere to be found.

2008 Masters; Behind all that precision, Immelman is a true believer

Trevor Immelman was unconventional with they way he won the Masters.