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Syracuse, NY

Career highlights:

David Dusek was a collegiate tennis player who traded his racquets for clubs in 2002. Focusing primarily on golf equipment, he writes about new products and technologies, as well as the PGA Tour. He has appeared as a analyst on The Today Show, The Dan Patrick Show, Larry King Live, CNBC’s Power Lunch and several ESPN shows. He is a regular guest on sports talk radio shows and wrote the story that won the 2006 ASME National Magazine Award Winner in the Leisure Interests category, becoming the first golf writer to earn the distinction. He has edited two books and currently lives with his wife, son and daughter in Connecticut.

Stories by David Dusek

modern bag

Building a modern bag

To properly construct the modern bag, golfers need to understand how gapping and trajectory affects every club that they purchase.

The Dagger putter

PXG Milled Insert Putters

PXG also makes putters, and with the release of its new Milled Insert putters, thinks it can provide an improved blend of feel and performance.