In this issue: Sept. 6, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Inside the Sept. 6, 2013 issue of Golfweek:

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• William Campbell: Amateur gold standard

• What's the rate on a two-hole rental?

• Sophie's choice: LET over LPGA

• Pro bono Ko

• These Tigers are strong – just like their coach

• Trudeau's run for the roses

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• Ironclad performance: In wake of two Tour victories, Titleist brings its new 714 series to market

By David Dusek

• Do-it-your-own-way department

• Garcia uses new Ghost Tour putter

• Pettersen wins with Nike gear

• Tour Edge unveils additions to Exotics line

By James Achenbach

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• Euro Tour appeals to national pride

By Alex Miceli

• Tour's lineup looks familiar

By Alex Miceli

• Blumenherst steps back from LPGA

By Beth Ann Baldry

• Q&A: Alan Bratton, Oklahoma State men's coach

By Ron Balicki

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• Tall order: After towering over her competition as a freshman, USC's Annie Park has a goal: Keep growing

By Beth Ann Baldry

• New energy: Don't look now, but Houston is charting a path back toward the nation's elite

By Brentley Romine

• Hot topics in college golf

• Preseason top 10 men's and women's teams and individuals, plus "fab freshmen," rankings and coaching changes


• 'The big picture': Sean Foley retools Annie Park's swing, and college success proves it's working

By Julie Williams


• Classic coursework: Campus layouts record the grades to stay on our honor roll

By Martin Kaufmann

• COLUMN: The price to pay for TV time

By Lance Ringler

• Tour: Immelman takes finals lead

• AJGA: Truslow gains 'respect' with Junior Players title

By Brentley Romine

• COLUMN: Golf's grande dame: Louise Suggs, on the cusp of her 90th birthday, recalls Jones, Zaharias and playing for the love of the game

By Beth Ann Baldry

• Hard labor: Henrik Stenson, back from golf's abyss, wins the Deutsche Bank title to stake his claim among the game's elite

By Jim McCabe

• Zach's back for another Presidents Cup

• Power outage at No. 2

• New coach, new approach for Donald

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• Inside the Ropes: A college coach's cone of influence

By Julie Williams

• Wired: CBS vs. NBC: It's a gimme

By Martin Kaufmann

• Letters to the Editor

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• “Golf’s Biggest Stat Sheet’’

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• Stenson bounces all the way back

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