Plenty of good seats still available

Plenty of good seats still available


Plenty of good seats still available

NORTON, Mass. – In what is a clear sign of the times, the Ryder Cup is offering a second bite at the apple. Organizers of 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales are opening up a ballot for a second time in an attempt to sell practice, match and hospitality tickets.

In a year when the majors had a hard time selling out, it should not be a surprise that the Ryder Cup in Wales may be having some issues, too.

“In the past, tickets for the Ryder Cup would have been sold out a year or more before the event,” said Richard Hills, the European Ryder Cup director. “Now spectators can apply later and still have the chance through the second ballot to buy tickets.”

Translation: We are having problems, but want to put the best face on it.

Practice round tickets cost £30 each and tickets for the opening ceremony is £40.

Ryder Cup match day tickets for Friday and Saturday are £100. Sunday is £130. There are several options ranging from £140 to £430, and spectators opting for a six-day International Pavilion Ticket – costing £950 – will have access to an upgraded facility.

If this doesn’t sound like “let’s make a deal,” I don’t know what does.

You can argue that having it in Wales is part of the issue, but Wales is not that far from London.

Bottom line: Sports seem to be on the back burner with many fans. Tough to blame them when they can watch the matches at home for a lot less than £100.


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