Rickie Fowler on golf fashion

Rickie Fowler on golf fashion


Rickie Fowler on golf fashion


Belts are one of the hottest trends in golf fashion. Pros, collegians and juniors around the country are showing personality through their belt buckles and spicing the fairways. I chatted with Walker Cupper and soon-to-be professional Rickie Fowler, and asked him about golf fashion, trends, belt buckles (of course!) and more. . .

Q: When did you start wearing big belt buckles?

I’ve always thought that the belts helped make the outfit look better. The buckles came in about freshman year of high school, though.

Q: What brand of buckle are you sporting?

I’ve been wearing a lot of Puma and have been known to rock the 59 and Beyond The Links buckles.

Q: Who made your OSU belt buckle?

I’m not sure. I bought it from a university store called Chris’s University Spirit.

Q: Do you see any other fashion trends starting at the college level?

Not so much in college, just because everyone is wear matching uniforms. Some coaches leave the belt, shoe and hat options to the players, so you see some guys’ personalities come out.

Q: Who do you think dresses the best on Tour?

There are a few guys. . . no one in particular, but I like the flashy, non-traditional golf attire. I like more of the Euro-style and white belts. I guess if I was to name someone, it would probably be Ian Poulter.

Q: Besides the best-dressed player, what other looks or trends do you like on Tour?

Shoes and belts. You can screw up a nice outfit with the wrong shoes and belt. Although, it goes the other way, too. But just an OK outfit can look really good with the right additions.


Q: You’ve worn the white belt quite a bit. With everyone wearing it now, are you still a fan of that look?

Definitely. It’s still clean and good-looking. I’m looking into adding some color, too.

Q: What do you generally wear during summer amateur golf when not wearing your college uniforms?

I’ve worn a lot of Beyond the Links. Right now I’ve been sporting a lot of Puma.

Q: What clothing brand does your college team wear?


Q: What is your dream apparel sponsor?

I have been wearing Puma a lot and really liking it and what it represents, so I would have to say Puma.

Q: Do you think shorts should be allowed on the PGA Tour?

No. It looks too casual. Pants keep things classy and professional.


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