Oh, those Walker Cup prizes

Oh, those Walker Cup prizes


Oh, those Walker Cup prizes

ARDMORE, Pa. – Top 8 (or at least 8 of the Top 100) reasons it’s cool to be picked for the U.S. Walker Cup team, brought to you mostly by first-time participant Morgan Hoffmann:

8. “Sickest week of my life,” said Hoffmann. “They treat you like kings.”

7. “They treat you like more than that,” Adam Mitchell said.

6. Said captain Buddy Marrucci to his players: “If you need anything, just ask.”

5. Hoffmann needed sneakers, come to think of it. “So they got me a pair.”

4. Each player also received five Walker Cup cashmere sweaters, among all the other uniform staples (shirts, shorts, pants, rain gear, hats, golf bag, etc.)

3. Then there were the two pairs of golf shoes.

2. Socks.

1. And (drumroll, please) Polo boxer shorts with stitched-in Walker Cup logos.

Seems they’ve got everything covered.



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