Kerr can do it herself

Kerr can do it herself


Kerr can do it herself


SAN DIEGO – It’s my hope that every player on tour follows Cristie Kerr’s lead. On the eighth hole of Round 1 (when she stood 3 over par), Kerr told her caddie she’s lining herself up from now on. She no longer needs John Killeen to stand behind her and say “good” before every shot.

Since taking this bold stance of independence, Kerr has played the last 29 holes 9 under par at the Samsung World Championship. She’s at 6-under 138 through two rounds.

“I’m kind of ready to go to the next level,” Kerr said. “The best players in the world (line themselves up).”

Hey, it worked fine when Kerr was a junior and carried her own bag.

Countless people – rules officials, spectators, disgruntled members of the media on deadline – have complained over the years about the LPGA’s pace of play. Caddies lining players up for every shot is a huge factor in rounds that routinely exceed five hours.

Kerr said that at this year’s British Open, caddies were told to step more than one pace away from players because TV viewers complained they couldn’t see the action. These women are in the entertainment business, after all.

Kerr feels her rhythm has been better since making the change in her routine. Her mind is more quiet, and she’s actually playing faster.

“The reality is (caddies) never pull you off (a shot),” Kerr said.

So why bother with the extra step?

Good question.


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