College golfers need their fuel

College golfers need their fuel


College golfers need their fuel

BREMERTON, Wash. – College athletes are known for their big – and continuous – appetites, golfers included. Over the past 25-plus years, I’ve definitely seen some guys put away more than a fair share of vittles in one seating.

Still, I’d have to say that LSU junior John Petterson ranks right up there with the best of the food vacuums I’ve encountered in the last quarter century.

Following Saturday’s practice round at the Ping/Golfweek Preview Invitational, a hamburger/chicken barbecue – complete with a wide variety of side dishes, including corn on the cob and potatoes – was set up for those involved at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

When the buffet lines opened, Petterson was among the first to go through. He returned with two burgers (about a quarter pound each) on a bun and they were topped with what looked to be about a pound of grilled mushrooms and onions. This was complimented by a few small side items and a large root beer float.

He was just beginning. After devouring that first go-round, he went back and assembled another fully-loaded double burger. After that was history, someone at the table commented on how good the corn on the cob was.

Petterson decided he better give that a try. And even though his two front teeth are partial implants, he took a knife and scraped most of the cob clean in order to eat it. He then ate what was left on the cob with his his back teeth.

“You’re right,” he said. “It tastes a lot better right off the cob.”

Well, at least Petterson didn’t go back for a second root beer float. He opted for a diet cola.

“Hey, a young guy like me has got to watch his weight,” he said with a big laugh. “But you know what, this diet stuff really tastes bad.”

He sure didn’t say that about any other part of the meal!


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