Is golf's Olympic bid in trouble?

Is golf's Olympic bid in trouble?


Is golf's Olympic bid in trouble?

Is golf in trouble after the International Olympic Committee’s stunning decision in picking Rio de Janeiro over Chicago for the venue of the 2016 Summer Olympics?

That was the first question I had once I heard the news.

Chicago was the favorite going into today’s vote in Copenhagen, Denmark, but the favorite last time around lost to London for the 2012 Olympics.

So I texted Ty Votaw, executive director of the International Golf Federation, who is in Copenhagen all week preparing for next week’s vote on golf’s inclusion in the 2016 Games.

Votaw, who was just leaving an IOC reception, doesn’t think the vote will influence golf’s inclusion in the Games, negatively or positively.

“It’s great for the region and it’s great from golf in South America,” Votaw said of Rio’s selection as the 2016 host city.

Still, you have to wonder whether such a stunning turnaround, with the apparent favorite going down in the first round as Chicago did, if those in golf shouldn’t be a little worried.

However, it dawned on me that golf really isn’t the favorite. Rugby sevens was the first sport moved forward by the IOC Executive Board, and then golf was voted on after that.

Just looking for a silver lining.


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