Tiger Woods is... Larry Bird?

Tiger Woods is... Larry Bird?


Tiger Woods is... Larry Bird?

Just saw another replay of Tiger Woods’ 225-yard 3-iron to the 18th green Saturday at the Presidents Cup.

I laughed out loud.

Unless Freddie Couples plays the Silly Season in a clown suit, I think it will go down as my favorite memory of the year.

Attention Converse (yes, Converse): Here’s your no-brainer commercial:

FRAME 1: Tiger sets up over his ball, swings and, two seconds after impact, twirls his club and paces furiously toward the hole with his arms outstretched as if to say, “I win.” (See video below.)


FRAME 2: The screen goes dark, and then the following sentence appears: “I am Larry Bird.”

FRAME 3: Tiger’s ball lands 8 feet from the hole.

FRAME 4: [Converse logo.] “The Original.”

Everyone in existence knows the Tiger Twirl signals a great golf shot; but I have to agree with NBC’s Dan Hicks that this one just seemed more confident than usual.

This was the Tiger Twirl-a-rama, coming soon to a mall parking lot carnival near you.

My brain immediately dug up the footage of the 1988 NBA 3-Point Competition, which Larry Bird concluded by draining his last three shots, walking toward center court with his right finger in the air as if to say “I win” before his final money ball shot even found the bottom of the basket. (See video below.)

Meet your 2011 U.S. Presidents Cup team assistant captain?


(Fun fact: Before the competition, Bird asked his opponents in the locker room, “Who’s finishing second?”)

I was happy to find the footage on YouTube, which has received about another 134 clicks from my mouse in the last 30 minutes.

And I have yet to watch it without laughing.

Bird is arguably the best trash-talker of all time. I’d be happy just to see Tiger reach the top 20.


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