Poulter reigns supreme in golf fashion

Poulter reigns supreme in golf fashion


Poulter reigns supreme in golf fashion

He won the tournament, he won the best look of the week and now has an entire episode of ‘The Look’ dedicated to him, his clothes and his shoes.

Ian Poulter is the man of the hour (or week). His outfits this week in Singapore were fun, colorful and obvious winners. They’re all from his Autumn/Winter 2009 collection and available on http://www.ianpoulterdesign.com/

As Poulter gave the FootJoy crew a tour of his house, it was clear that this guy has things in order. From color-coding to immaculate organization, he has a specific section for everything from visors to pants. It seems Poulter is a perfectionist on and off the course.


After stepping into his garage, or the side of it that houses his golf cart and extra golf goodies, I got some pretty good insight into the perks of being a stud like Ian Poulter. He has some 25 pairs of brand-new FootJoys, most from the very cool MyJoy program.

More than 60 percent of Tour players wear FootJoy kicks and the MyJoys have been shipped out to almost all of them. Lucky for us fashion fans, we can expect to see more and more of these colorful and creative spikes out on the fairways.

The MyJoy program offers a unique way for consumers to build their own golf shoe. Consumers are able to completely customize their golf shoe, ensuring originality on the golf course and definitely helping to maintain that one-of-a-kind feeling. From the model to colors to the finish – and even some special logos or words – golfers can have full reign over their design. FootJoy also has a unique partnership with a variety of College, NFL and Major League Baseball teams that gives fans the opportunity to include one of these logos on the heel. If you aren’t a sports fan, you can come up with something creative such as a nickname or favorite golf term, like “ACE!” The shoes range in price from $130 to $270, and are dictated by the model and make of the shoe rather than any color or design features, so the sky’s the limit on creativity!

Get the complete tour of Poulter’s digs at http://www.footjoy.com/community/blogs/.

For more on the MyJoy program check out http://www.footjoy.com/myjoys/.


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