Monday Scramble: Getting our groove on

Monday Scramble: Getting our groove on


Monday Scramble: Getting our groove on

Welcome to the Monday Scramble.


Busy week out there in Ol’ Golf Land, eh? In case you missed it, here were the highlights:

John Daly missed the cut at Torrey Pines after rounds of 79-71, told Golf Channel producers “I’m done” and fooled everyone into thinking he was retiring; he later Tweeted that “I’m not retired & never said that I was retiring” but also that “I may look into doing some commentating–I really enjoy doing that”; and JD closed out the week by cooking steaks under a canopy with his “gf & close true friends” while watching the Pro Bowl.

Word is he will play again, most likely next season for the Minnesota Vikings.

Bubba Watson, who we wrote about last week, finally got his invitation to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this Tuesday in Los Angeles.

According to the show’s Web site, Watson will “finally achieve his goal of dancing with Ellen!”

Next, that first Tour victory!

(Or at least a freestyle battle with LL Cool J, also a guest on the show. Sorry, Bubba… Heidi Klum is only on Thursday!)


• After missing the cut in his first two events to start his rookie season, the hype machine also known as Rickie Fowler made a run at Torrey Pines before tying for fifth and heading home with another $186,163.

According to the Fowler camp, it will take at least a month to repair the bandwagon that broke when everyone jumped back on last night.

• And, as you probably have heard, Torrey Pines suddenly turned into Torrey Whines last week when it became known that Phil Mickelson had put into play a grandfathered Ping Eye 2 square-grooved wedge; Scott McCarron, a Tour veteran and Advisory Board member, called it “cheating,” to which Lefty responded that he had been “slandered.”

And you thought Torrey Pines’ greens were bumpy.


But seriously, folks, things are about to get even more cuckoo this week when it is announced by the USGA that four new sets of grooves will be deemed legal for competition immediately under the Rules of Golf.

Here’s a quick look at the new grooves, coming soon to a Tour bag near you:

  • a.) The Square Groove iPhone Application (only $1!)
  • b.) Mickelgrooves
  • c.) Z-Grooves (aka The Zebras)
  • d.) Mike Tyson-face tattoo Grooves

Happy spinning!

The 57th PGA Merchandise Show came and went last weekend in Orlando, Fla., reuniting us once again with those that keep alive the art of forwarding e-mails full of stupid golf jokes.

Why does a golfer wear two pairs of pants? In case he gets a hole-in-one!

LOL! We love you. Seriously. Keep ’em coming.

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