Having fun with the Kims

Having fun with the Kims


Having fun with the Kims


Each year it seems as though the LPGA adds a fresh set of Kims, Lees and Parks to its ever-growing Korean roster. As if it isn’t difficult enough to distinguish one dynamite player from another, three Kims tied for second place last weekend at the Jamie Farr Owens Corning Classic – In-Kyung Kim, Christina Kim and Song-Hee Kim. All three were in a two-hole sudden death playoff with Na Yeon Choi, who won in extra holes.

How can we distinguish these starlets if we face this situation again? The only thing that comes to mind is fashion.

I’ve given each Kim a nickname that relates to their undeniably cute fashion choices. Based on their wardrobe choices last weekend, it was easy:

In-Kyung Kim: Conservative Kim

Conservative not only parallels In-Kyung’s tasteful fashion sense but her playing style and personality as well. She continuously keeps her wardrobe choices subtle and appealing. It is refreshing to see a player that is somewhat predictable each day. But don’t be fooled by Conservative Kim’s style because this doesn’t mean she is going to let up on any of her opponents anytime soon.


Christina Kim: Snazzy Kim

Miss Christina is crowned as Snazzy Kim because she is known to be outrageously wild with the outfit choices. And somehow Snazzy Kim manages to crank up even the craziest of designers – Jamie Sadock, her clothing sponsor. Last week she graced us with accessories galore – Fedora hats, wallet chains, dangly earrings and neon sunglasses. I believe snazzy is the perfect adjective for such a fun and vibrant player.

Song-Hee Kim: Cutesy Kim

Cutesy is the first thing that comes to mind when giving Song-Hee the once-over. Her wild colors and advertisements may have you believing otherwise. But between the polka dots and her short-cropped hair-do there is no other word to use other than cute.


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