Q&A: Fore!! Axel and Hudson designer Paul Nguyen

Q&A: Fore!! Axel and Hudson designer Paul Nguyen


Q&A: Fore!! Axel and Hudson designer Paul Nguyen

Attention fashion-crazed parents – I’ve found one of the hottest, trendiest and most sophisticated boys golf apparel on the market, outfits that are going to make you jealous that they don’t come in your size. According to designer and founder Paul Nguyen, this is the new “country club meets California cool” style. I spoke with Nguyen to get the inside story of the kiddie world of fashion!


Tell me about yourself and how Fore!! Axel and Hudson came to be?

I’ve been designing for 14 years, eight of which was designing kids clothing. Being a fan of golf and wanting to design clothes for my son, Hudson, I came up with a concept of classic- and vintage-inspired looks you can wear on and off the course.

Why did you focus just on clothes for boys?

Having been in the kids market for some time, I felt there was a shortage of boys’ clothing that was stylish and well-made without being too expensive. As far as a design concept, I wanted to establish looks that had sophisticated colors, prints, intricate details and eco-friendly materials.

What influenced this “country club meets California cool” style?

Arnold Palmer comes to mind. He had great charisma and dressed effortlessly. He was the epitome of cool.

Where did you find such adorable little models? It is almost like a cuter version of the Benetton ads.

All the boys looked great and had a great time modeling the clothes. Fore!! Axel and Hudson represents carefree and laid back looks, mixed with attitude and swagger.

Do you have any plans for a girls’ line in the future?

I think it would be a lot of fun to add a girls’ line. Imagine fun, colorful skirts and tops. I need to come up with a good name for it. We have gotten many requests for a girl’s collection, so hopefully in the near future.

Do you find that even non-golfing parents are buying your apparel?

Definitely. We didn’t want to establish ourselves as “golf-wear” apparel. It’s golf-inspired, so throw in driver’s caps, fedoras and trilby to pull the collection together.

Tell me about your eco-friendly materials.

Most of our tops are made from bamboo/spandex that has ultra-soft and cool touch. Accenting them with coconut buttons gives a more vintage look.

Fore!! Axel and Hudson apparel looks like it is making the game of golf fun. Do you find that children’s interest levels go up when they are dressed like the pros?

It’s about the individuality and personality of the kid. Whether it’s playing golf or playing in the yard, they should have fun whatever their dressing mood is.

What other new things can we look forward to from Fore!! Axel and Hudson?

We’re bringing in new fedoras and driver’s caps every season. For fall we’ll introduce novelty socks to merchandise back to the collection in stripes, argyles and geometric patterns.

Where can we find all this gear?

Neiman Marcus, Bloomindales, Nordstrom, Kitson, Fred Segals and specialty boutiques.


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