Marino’s caddie takes ‘relief’ in Round 1

Marino’s caddie takes ‘relief’ in Round 1


Marino’s caddie takes ‘relief’ in Round 1

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ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – G.W. Cable, who is Steve Marino’s caddie, may be responsible for a change in golf terminology.

Golfers are familiar with taking relief from a lateral hazard or a water hazard. Then there is taking relief from ground under repair or an imbedded ball.

Cable changed all that to plain old taking relief.

In Thursday’s opening round of the British Open, Marino was out in the first group (6:30 a.m.) with Paul Lawrie and Thomas Levet.

Marino shot 69, but his caddie drew more attention. It seems perhaps Cable misjudged the size of the largely Scottish gallery following Lawrie, a homegrown Scot.

Standing near a bush behind the 10th tee, after the three players had hit, Cable took relief. Literally. There was no golf ball involved.

At least 100 spectators were watching him from roughly 20 yards away. Some laughed or joked, but it was too late for the caddie to stop. That’s the bad news.

The good news: It was a free drop, no penalty involved.


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