The scoop on Creamer’s lucky belt

The scoop on Creamer’s lucky belt


The scoop on Creamer’s lucky belt


After seeing Paula Creamer strutting down the fairways at the Evian Masters last weekend, I couldn’t help but notice the sparkle on her hips. We all know that she is at the pinnacle of our “it” girl status, and now she was sporting a sexy accessory to peak our interest even more.


The belt she wore during the final round at Evian was not made by one of her sponsors, nor was it made specifically for her. In fact, her friend, Victoria, bought it for Creamer as a gift for good luck. Hence, the lucky horseshoe.

Creamer said the belt was a little heavy but didn’t bother her swing. She actually shot her best round of the tournament (70) wearing the belt. It must have some sort of mojo!

“The belt was unfortunately not diamonds,” Creamer said in an e-mail.

So where can we get the belt? It is a product of B.B. Simon, an accessories company based in Tustin, Calif., that has been in business for more than 20 years. However, the company had no idea that Creamer had worn its belt last weekend. Needless to say, when told Creamer sported the belt last weekend, they were flattered and astonished.

A B.B. Simon representative said that while they have had celebrities wear their products in the past, they have never had a major sports star sporting their gear.

B.B. Simon belts are made in the United States from imported Italian leather and Swarovski crystals. Creamer’s horseshoe belt can be purchased at for $305. For $540, belts can be customized.

A eye-catching belt like this is the easiest way to spiff up any golf outfit and feel glamorous in the process.


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