Woods uses Twitter to answer fans’ questions

Woods uses Twitter to answer fans’ questions


Woods uses Twitter to answer fans’ questions

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Twitter has been heralded as a way for celebrities to talk directly to their fans, without those pesky media middlemen getting in the way. Tiger Woods took to the site today, conducting a 30-minute ‘Twitterview’ on Nike Golf’s (twitter.com/nikegolf) page.

It was an unprecedented use of social media for the world No. 1. Many athletes use sites such as Twitter and Facebook to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at their lives. 

Most of the questions during Woods’ Wednesday ‘Twitterview’ focused on equipment. The answers weren’t incredibly detailed, but that had as much to do with Twitter’s 140-character limit as Woods’ propensity to disclose little.

Here are some highlights:

• TW: I don’t practice as much as I use to but I am often thinking about it. RT @CraigVogt: @nikegolf TW – How much do you practice?

• TW: Yes about 10 years ago, a 4-iron, I shot a 76. RT @mattybo24: @nikegolf Tiger, Have you ever played an entire round with only 1 club?

• TW: As of right now, no. RT @waggleroom: @nikegolf Tiger, Any changes to your equipment in response to working with Sean Foley?

• TW: I know we are going to try as hard as we can to retain the cup. RT @rodeoclown693: @nikegolf how do u think the Ryder cup team will fare

• TW: I use the gate drill. RT @semlerk: @nikegolf Can you recommend any drills to ensure a pure stoke?

Time will tell if Woods will increase his use of social media, though I find it doubtful. He’s shown little interest in social media – no surprise, considering his intense desire for privacy.

Posts presented under Woods’ name on TigerWoods.com, Facebook and Twitter haven’t been terribly revealing and have been written in a professional tone – not the conversational style that better connects with fans.

Woods’ own Twitter page (twitter.com/tigerwoods) has just three posts, all from June 2009, imploring fans to visit Woods’ Twitter, Facebook and Web pages. His Facebook page is mostly links to content on TigerWoods.com, with some behind-the-scenes photos from charity events.

An occasional blog is posted under Woods’ name on TigerWoods.com, though none have been posted since April. Last year, he did several email Q&As per month, but none have been posted since Nov. 24, 2009, just a few days before his car accident.


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