special report: The .500 rule special report: The .500 rule

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The .500 rule is now in its fourth year of existence and coaches are far from a consensus on how it has served Division I men’s college golf. For that reason, has compiled the following report with the hopes of exploring the .500 rule’s merits and offering solutions to some of its problems.


Ron Balicki explores the background of the .500 rule and comes to one conclusion: No matter their opinion of the rule, it has had a significant impact on the way coaches think about and set their schedules. CLICK HERE TO READ


Lance Ringler says one solution to the problems of the .500 rule may be to start following the lead of other Division I sports in instituting “game contracts.” CLICK HERE TO READ


Golfweek discussed the rule with more than 20 coaches from programs both large and small, who showed how polarizing the .500 rule is. CLICK HERE TO READ


Off Campus takes a look at the .500 rule and the positive effect it has had on smaller programs throughout the country. CLICK HERE TO WATCH


Lance Ringler and Asher Wildman debate the merits of the .500 rule and discuss it’s impact on college golf. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


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