Fashion: Bradley continues tradition of Sunday red

Fashion: Bradley continues tradition of Sunday red


Fashion: Bradley continues tradition of Sunday red

While we continue to yearn for Tiger’s Sunday red to return, we had the chance to savor 2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley in his own version of Oakley’s Sunday red – belt included!

Bradley strutted those playoff holes in bold style Sunday at the Atlanta Athletic Country Club. He is the second Oakley golf professional to win a major championship this season – joining Rory McIlroy’s win at the U.S. Open in June.

It sure was nice to see the Sunday red come back to our TV sets but there are a few fashion faux pas that I have been dying to make note of this season – faux pas that are in desperate need of attention.

1. The White Belt

There has got to be an end to this white belt fad. It is truly no longer “in” to wear this color of leather. Let’s just say that the white belt was cool in the Jesper Parnevik era of the 1990s. Sure, there are a few guys that can still pull it off with a decent outfit, but it just dumbs down any sleek look.

For example: Jason Dufner, who had on the greatest pink Peter Millar polo and the perfect grey trousers to accompany it. Then there was the unfortunate white belt looped into the equation… the perfect outfit was no longer perfect anymore.

Adam Scott somehow (well, I’m pretty sure I know how) seemed to make the white belt work last weekend but he still could have looked a lot smarter in a black one.

2. The Top Button

Please, can I ask all men on the PGA Tour – ahem, Phil Mickelson – to undo the top button on their polos. Mickelson has the greatest look going these days and that top button just completely upsets everything he is doing to look fairway fashionable.

3. Visors

There really isn’t much to say about this subject. Visors speak for themselves and should absolutely not be worn by PGA Tour players under the age of 50. Sorry, but the Champions Tour guys are the only ones that can pull these babies off.

Those are just a few pointers to help these boys match those beautiful golf swings with their wardrobes. Hope this helps!


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