Instruction: A draw off the tee with J.B. Holmes

Instruction: A draw off the tee with J.B. Holmes


Instruction: A draw off the tee with J.B. Holmes

Golfweek is proud to announce a showcase its second instructional video, courtesy new partnership with ShotVision, a company dedicated to bringing you authentic swing instruction from a handful of golf stars.

We are kicking off our partnership with a month-long series with J.B. Holmes and the secrets behind his driving prowess – including today’s second part on drawing the ball off the tee (the video is below).

We also will be displaying tips with Se Ri Pak, Brad Faxon and Orlando-based instructor Brian Mogg.

J.B. Holmes will be making his return from brain surgery at the Shark Shootout and recently spent time with our Jeff Rude, where he says he was excited to have a second lease on life. J.B. Holmes had a piece of his rear skull removed when he had successful brain surgery Sept. 1 to alleviate pressure in the back of his head. He keeps that quarter-sized sample of bone in his closet so he can see it daily. As part of the procedure, a piece of titanium was inserted into his skull. That means he not only has that light but strong metal in his driver, but also his head. Check out our exclusive story with Holmes.


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ShotVision offers you the opportunity to download these swing sequences via the app store, in a paid version and a free version.

If you’d like the paid app, click here. For the free version, click here.




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