Sage Valley: 5 Questions with Matthew Fitzpatrick

Sage Valley: 5 Questions with Matthew Fitzpatrick


Sage Valley: 5 Questions with Matthew Fitzpatrick

As preparations continue for the third Junior Invitational at Sage Valley, we sit down with Matthew Fitzpatrick, 18. Fitzpatrick hails from Sheffield, England and is ranked No. 12 in the World Amateur Golf Rankings and will attend Northwestern University in the fall.

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5 Questions with Matthew Fitzpatrick

1. How have you been playing?

I have been playing okay which is pleasing to say since I have not played much due to the weather and my school commitments here in England. I have exams coming up soon so that will put a halt to my golf for a month or so.

2. How have you been preparing for Sage Valley?

Fortunately, I played a bit of golf on holiday in South Africa last week. It was good to have some warm weather and good course conditions. Also, I have a tournament in England the two days before I fly out to Sage Valley.

3. What are you most excited about for Sage Valley?

I’m most excited about seeing the course and the whole set up. I have heard a lot about the facilities and the event and I have been told it is the equivalent to the Masters for junior golf.

4. What is your goal when you come to play at the Junior Invitational?

My goal is to do as well as I can. I know I will be competing with some of the best junior golfers in the world so it will be great to see where I am at with my game in comparison.

5. Is there any one particular player you want to play with or meet at the Junior Invitational? And why?

I would like to meet and play with Dylan Wu. This is because I have recently found out he is going to be a teammate of mine in 2014 at Northwestern. So it would be good to get to know him.


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