Color blind? Fowler stars in ESPN commercial

Color blind? Fowler stars in ESPN commercial


Color blind? Fowler stars in ESPN commercial

I’m not the biggest coffee fan, but the Cup of Joe that Rickie Fowler fixed in ESPN’s “This is Sportscenter” commercial is a morning boost that not even my 80-year-old grandma would drink.

The 30-second spot, which first aired on Monday, features Fowler and Sportscenter anchor John Anderson. To sum things up, Fowler, wearing his traditional Sunday orange, grabs the orange-handled coffee pot, thinking it’s caffeinated instead of decaf, and pours a cup. He then reaches for the orange juice thinking it’s milk, and pours that into the cup, too. Then he takes a sip, spitting it out almost immediately.

The point? Fowler must be color-blind since he wears so many loud colors on the golf course.

Here’s what Fowler has to say about the commercial on Twitter: @RickieFowlerPGA: Had a blast filming my new This Is @SportsCenter commercial…just wish @ESPN had better coffee

It’s another well-thought-out and funny commercial by ESPN. And as for Fowler, he once again proves he’s got game behind a camera and not just on the golf course.

I’m just surprised he didn’t pour some Red Bull into that cup, too.


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