Staff picks: 2017 NCAA men's regionals

NCAA Championship Tracy Wilcox/Golfweek

Staff picks: 2017 NCAA men's regionals


Staff picks: 2017 NCAA men's regionals

NCAA men’s regionals kick off on May 15 at six sites around the country. The top five teams in each of the regional fields will advance to the national championship, to be played May 26-31 at Rich Harvest Farms in Sugar Grove, Ill.

Our men’s college golf gurus have predicted which five teams will advance out of each of the six regionals.

Regional sites and staff picks listed below:

Lance Ringler

Sammamish (Wash.) Regional: USC, Kent State, Texas A&M, Florida State, Washington

College Grove (Tenn.) Regional: Vanderbilt, Texas Tech, Clemson, Georgia, Lipscomb

West Lafayette (Ind.) Regional: Florida, Illinois, UNLV, South Carolina, Purdue

Stanford (Calif.) Regional: Stanford, Baylor, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Pepperdine

Austin (Texas) Regional: Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Texas, Arizona State, Kansas

Baton Rouge (La.) Regional: LSU, Oregon, Virginia, Duke, Northwestern

Beth Ann Nichols

Sammamish (Wash.) Regional: USC, Washington, Alabama, Kent State, Texas A&M

College Grove (Tenn.) Regional: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Clemson, Texas Tech, Lipscomb

West Lafayette (Ind.) Regional: Illinois, Purdue, Florida, UNLV, South Carolina

Stanford (Calif.) Regional: Stanford, Baylor, Georgia Tech, North Florida, Oklahoma

Austin (Texas) Regional: Oklahoma State, Texas, Arizona State, Wake Forest, North Carolina State

Baton Rouge (La.) Regional: Oregon, Duke, LSU, Virginia, Northwestern

Brentley Romine

Sammamish (Wash.) Regional: USC, Texas A&M, Florida State, Washington, Alabama

College Grove (Tenn.) Regional: Vanderbilt, Texas Tech, Clemson, Georgia, UCF

West Lafayette (Ind.) Regional: Florida, Illinois, Auburn, South Carolina, Purdue

Stanford (Calif.) Regional: Stanford, Baylor, Oklahoma, Pepperdine, North Carolina

Austin (Texas) Regional: Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, Texas, Ole Miss, Arizona State

Baton Rouge (La.) Regional: LSU, Oregon, Duke, Arkansas, South Florida

Kevin Casey

Sammamish (Wash.) Regional: USC, Alabama, Texas A&M, Kent State, San Diego State

College Grove (Tenn.) Regional: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Texas Tech, Clemson, Lipscomb

West Lafayette (Ind.) Regional: Illinois, Florida, South Carolina, Purdue, UNLV

Stanford (Calif.) Regional: Stanford, Pepperdine, Oklahoma, Baylor, Georgia Tech

Austin (Texas) Regional: Oklahoma State, Texas, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, Iowa State

Baton Rouge (La.) Regional: LSU, Oregon, Duke, Northwestern, Virginia


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