Augusta's 5th hole reportedly being lengthened 30 yards

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Augusta's 5th hole reportedly being lengthened 30 yards


Augusta's 5th hole reportedly being lengthened 30 yards

The plans for Augusta National’s fifth hole have come into even clearer focus.

Per a report from Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte, Augusta will be adding a tee box that will make the hole play “upwards of 485 yards” – meaning an increase of 30 yards from its current length.

This appears to solidify reports from earlier this year about a potential lengthening. Augusta had reportedly filed preliminary site plans in January with the Augusta Planning and Development Department that signaled a possible change to the fifth.

The plans showed a tee box being pushed back 20-30 yards across Old Berckmans Road with that street being re-routed to curve around that area in order to accommodate such a tee box.

The Forecaddie noted in May that a construction effort surrounding the fifth hole appeared to be underway.

The intent of the change is of course to restore the old shot values diminished here by the modern game.

This wouldn’t be the first time the fifth has been lengthened. In 2003, the tees were pushed back 20 yards and the two fairway bunkers extended by 80 yards so that players couldn’t carry their drives over the traps to shorten the hole.



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