The Golfweek Rater Membership Program


The Golfweek Rater Membership Program


The Golfweek Rater Membership Program

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Who we are

Golfweek maintains a stable of +/- 700 raters, drawn from all 50 states and over a dozen foreign countries, who make up the Golfweek’s Best rating panel.

What we do

The principle goal of the rating panel is to establish Golfweek rankings of the top golf courses from each of two eras: Classic (opened before 1960) and Modern (opened 1960 or after).  We also use the same database to determine such U.S. lists as the top residential golf courses, the top resort courses, the best public-access courses, the best campus courses, the best casino courses; also for the best courses in Canada, the Caribbean & Mexico, Great Britain & Ireland, Asia & the Pacific Rim, Europe and South Africa.

Where we go

Golfweek is unique among all publications for the range of community events it sponsors throughout the country. We have multi day events, one-off gatherings, competitive match-play style team events (both men’s and women’s). We combine golf with architecture instruction. The point is to combine golf with learning and camaraderie.

Architectural Panel

Responsible for creating new ideas, educating our Raters, and writing for Golfweek. Raters have the chance to meet them at various Rater events throughout the year.

  •  Tom Dunne: A graduate of Brown University, Tom has been writing about golf travel and architecture since 2003.  Before joining Golfweek, Tom was Senior Editor of Travel & Leisure Golf, contributing editor for Departures (the American Express Platinum card magazine), and has contributed to GolfWorldLINKS, Met Golfer and many others.
  • Ran Morrissett: Ran worked for the USGA in Far Hills from 1985-1987 and ultimately lived in Australia and Asia from 1993-2000. While in Australia, he and his younger brother John started the non-commercial web site, which is the world’s largest site devoted to the single topic of golf course architecture.
  • David Normoyle:  Undergraduate and graduate degrees from Colby College and Cambridge University, David has spent two decades as a golf historian and as an advisor to some of the world’s leading golf clubs and associations. David’s first decade of training as a golf historian was spent with the United States Golf Association where he began in the USGA’s Fellowship for Leadership and Service and ultimately became the Assistant Director of the USGA Museum. David was involved in launching the USGA Museum’s first educational programs in 2003 and its online Architecture Archive in 2008, a digital repository of golf architecture plans, drawings and images. In 2010, he formed Normoyle Historical Consulting to advise leading golf clubs and associations around the world how to properly care for and display their heritage.
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